Below are a few biblically sound resources that you might find valuable on certain topics from Ecclesiology to Eschatology. These are links, the resources are hosted by other websites. please send us a letter in our contact page if a link is down and no longer available.

Sermons and Audio
Sermon Audio – Audio Sermons from Sound Biblical Churches across the world.  –  Weekly Radio show on various Christian Apologetic topics

An Exposition of the book of Revelation by Art Arzudia – 81 sermons in MP3

Why you should join a church – Earl Blackburn
The 1689 London Baptist Confession of faith – A Faith to Confess

What is Reformed Theology?  – Video Series by R.C. Sproul
20 Free Ebooks from Prayer to Salvation by R.C. Sproul
Calvinism –  Tulip explained Video series by John Piper
The Difficult Doctrine of the love of God – EBook in PDF format
Christ in the Old Testament – All articles on

Friends of First Baptist Church of Garden Grove
Covenant Baptist San Clemente