Philosophy of Children

Parents and children ordinarily attend Worship service together at FBGG. There is Sunday school for children at our Sunday school service (9AM) ; And nursery care for ages 0-4 years for both services; these do not conflict with the worship service (10:30). Family integrated churches emphasize inter-generational ministry and the “parents’ responsibility to evangelize and disciple their own children. Historically the church is always viewed preaching as a means of grace to which children should be exposed at the earliest possible age. As parents we all desire to see our children learn and understand the Gospel. We understand that God has entrusted these little ones to us for education and training but when is the right time to bring them into the main worship service and how should it be done?

Look at Ephesians 6:1, where Paul writes, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”

Since Ephesians was written as a circular letter to the church in Ephesus and to all the churches in Asia Minor, and was meant to be read aloud during the Sunday worship service. Paul is communicating “This word is to encourage the children out there who are sitting next to their Dads and Moms and are part of the gathering of God’s people.” It would never have occurred to Paul that the children would be segregated into junior church. There simply is no evidence from Scripture that would support the idea that children learn best the experience of worship or knowledge of God when they are separated from their parents.

Newborns – six months old – The quiet room
Nursery – 6 months – preschool
Kindergarten and older – Quiet room/Congregation

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