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Corona Virus and our Weekly Worship Service:

Join us here temporarily on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am for our weekly online message. There will be a link posted here at that time and you and your family can click the link and view the message for that week. When you arrive at the page with the video and you hit play, you can expand the video to full screen by clicking on the bottom right of the video on the square that looks like arrows pointing in multiple directions. Leadership at First Baptist Church of Garden Grove appreciates your patience during these challenging times and we look forward to returning to normal gatherings once the Covid-19/Corona virus passes.

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Thank you for your interest in First Baptist Garden Grove

We are a small community church located in the heart of the City of Garden Grove, California. Much of our mission is to “know God and make Him known”. We foster a family atmosphere that is made up of individuals and families working together to grow as people and as a body, caring for each other and for our city. First Baptist Garden Grove exists to glorify God by worshipping, leading believers to maturity in Christ, and by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus to the lost.

We are:
Family +Children oriented in our worship service
Baptizing only of those who profess a saving faith in Christ
Reformed in our understanding of God’s covenants and salvation

First Baptist Garden Grove is made up of regular, ordinary people who have been touched by the amazing supernatural power of God’s grace and mercy. We place a large emphasis on the study of God’s Word, Worship, and the proclamation of the Gospel message and we would love for you to be a part of it. We are a Reformed Baptist church in Orange County California. We encourage you to visit Sunday morning to worship the Lord with us!

As Baptists we have a rich history of theology and action to mirror today. First Baptist Garden Grove is primarily concerned about the knowing the Gospel weekly, making the name of Christ known in our city, worshiping God and knowing God’s covenant with man. We admire the London Baptist Confession of 1689 greatly, but do not hold strict adherence as a litmus test of ones spirituality, Christianity, or ability to lead. This document is not considered exhaustive, but is a convenient summary of belief. The Bible is our sole authority of faith and practice.

We are distinctly Covenantal in our theology, regarding the Covenant of Grace as made with the elect. Baptism is seen as a sign of the New Covenant administration – made with those who have been regenerated by having the law written on their hearts, their sins forgiven and who savingly know the Lord (Jeremiah 31:31-34). As typical of Baptists, only those who can credibly profess this reality are to be baptized. We are spiritual heirs of English Baptists John Bunyan and Charles Spurgeon


To read more details about what it means to be reformed and covenantal click here